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-100 Chicks-
-100 lbs. Rice & beans-
-1000 lbs.Rice & beans-
-2 100 qt. coolers-
-20 Chicks-
-3 piglets-
-Agricultural tools-
-Agricultural water pump-
-Audio Bible-
-Chicken coop & 20 chicks-
-Clothes for an orphan-
-Computer system-
-Computer workstation-
-Drill well-
-Feed a child for a year-
-Feed a family for a month-
-Fiberglass boat-
-Fingerlings for a pond-
-Foldable cot mattress-
-Fruit tree-
-Gas powered tiller-
-Gift Catalog-
-Home with sanitation-
-Kerosene stove-
-Marching band-
-Medical supplies-
-Outboard engine-
-School desk and chair-
-School supplies-
-Sewing machine-
-Soccer ball-
-Solar-powered computer system-
-Solar-powered light kit-
-Solar-powered street light-
-Tractor-trailer of food-
-Water pump-
-Waterproof backpack-







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